Life at The Resource Group: Lend-a-Hand Reflection

By Seth McCurley & Randy Larson

As we all know, the pandemic placed a large strain on the healthcare industry across the nation. In response to this strain, The Resource Group developed a program called  "Lend-a-Hand" which allowed traditionally remote associates to flex their time and provide support at one of our Participant sites. This program provided much needed respite to our field associates and emphasized The Resource Group's focus on hospitality and service. Below you will find perspectives from two of our field associates, Randy and Seth, who serve one of the hardest hit regions - Florida/Gulf Coast. 

How do you think Lend-a-Hand provides hope for the communities we serve? 


The Lend-a-Hand program highlights the value we place on community, our associates, and our shared mission. By bringing in associates from other regions, and catering our resources to what our caregivers need, we are able to relieve some levels of stress. The work through Lend-a-Hand is a reminder to those we serve that you can always find people willing to go above and beyond.

- Randy

Lend-a-Hand provided much needed relief and support in the hospitals due to the direct help our associates were willing to offer. Many were willing to fly across the country, some even sacrificing much needed weekends at the height of the pandemic, simply to provide help where it was needed. For our teams on the frontline, especially our caregivers, this level of support was a huge boost.

- Seth

Why and how did associates at The Resource Group participate in Lend-a-Hand?


Although The Resource  Group runs supply and resource management, at our core we are a hospitality and service organization. The Lend-a-Hand program proved this to be true as associates with extra time were not only encouraged to participate but were also provided support by peers and managers so other workstreams didn't fall to the wayside. This active participation is the reason we were able to elevate our support to caregivers during COVID-19 and expedite certain workflows such as: 

1. Unloading and shelving supplies

2. Daily cycle counts of inventory

3. Reorganizing ICU storeroom

And other projects that our local associates did not have the bandwidth to complete.

- Randy 

Our associates are amazing, so to me the 'why' is very unsurprising. I truly believe it boils down to our 7 Attributes and how we hire as an organization. The emphasis on service, hospitality, and teamwork across The Resource Group culture is the reason we were able to expand our ICU 300%, triple our inventory counts, and build additional shelving to ensure products were replenished as needed for our most critical patients. The culture and the people we hire are the reason for some of these truly amazing achievements.

- Seth

Do you foresee Lend-a-Hand continuing or having lasting effects? If yes, how so?


I absolutely see Lend-a-Hand having lasting effects. Not just regarding the work that is completed during the program, but also the friendships and bonds that are formed between associates. Additionally, Lend-a-Hand was also a reminder of the tremendous amount of work happening behind the scenes. Those who participated in Lend-a-Hand have a better appreciation for all the processes and procedures that propel The Resource Group forward everyday and how interconnected everything is. For many folks, it was inspiring to see how the work they do on a daily basis impacts the organization. 

- Randy 

I think there are always going to be new challenges that we encounter as an organization, and it's incredibly inspiring to know that we will always have people willing and able to meet those needs. Lend-a-Hand is a reminder to everyone just how critical our jobs are. Without supplies to care for our patients, our physicians and clinicians would not be able to provide exceptional care to those in need.

- Seth