Listen. Innovate. Implement.®

The Resource Group transforms the resource and supply management function through its User-Directed Integrated Solutions of Operations & Logistics Optimization, Strategic Sourcing, and Change Management. While many might judge our success by the financial value delivered, which has been exceptional, we equally focus on customer experience. We believe operational excellence cannot exist in the absence of service excellence and approach every interaction in the spirit of kindness and hospitality. 

Here's what our caregivers have
to say about The Resource Group

“As Chair of the Spine Affinity Group for Ascension, my role is to guide both clinical and operational discussions in support of the optimal environment of care. The Resource Group works closely with us in this effort - with the expected outcome of high quality patient care at best net value.” 
-Dr. Kornelis (Kees) Poelstra-

What is it that your organization needs to thrive?

  • Cost savings through contracting and utilization management? 
  • Products and Services that end-users are satisfied with?
  • Choice where it matters and standardization where it makes sense? 
  • Teams to implement supply and service conversions to free up clinician time? 
  • Someone to engage with caregivers and answer their questions?

  • Enabling relationships between executives and supply chain leadership? 
  • Control of purchasing practices across your organization? 
  • Visibility into data so you know what’s happening and where you need to improve? 
  • An optimized and standardized approach to distributor management? 
  • A way to reduce overhead and excess inventory that results from warehouse mismanagement?
The Resource Group delivers on all of the above so you can focus on patients.