Operations &
Logistics Optimization

Supply chain operations can be noisy and costly, especially when resources are unnecessarily dedicated to warehousing, transportation, and other high-dollar investments that do not actually lower costs.

At The Resource Group, we see things differently. An effective resource and supply management solution does not distract or take resources away from patient care, and instead, runs silently in the background.

Alternatively, we focus on data management and visibility, purchasing controls, and consolidated distributor and courier relationships, we efficiently deliver the products and services physicians and clinicians need, when they need them.  

Working on behalf of Participants

Traditional supply chain organizations hire ‘utility players’ who attempt to do it all. However, we believe that all success begins with people and that highly-specialized experts can drive more value. This is why with The Resource Group, at the foundation of every solution, much like all other hospital departments, is a group of highly-specialized professionals. These associates bring a diverse range of skills and are dedicated to service. 

Field Operations

Managing the receipt and delivery of supplies so caregivers can focus on patient care. 

Master Data Management

Managing resource and supply data to support decision-making and maintain standardization to ensure a resilient supply chain.

Pharmaceutical Support Services

Creating additional value by establishing operational efficiencies in this high volume, high-spend category.

National Operations & Logistics

Creating additional value by managing distributor, courier, and other national relationships to achieve the highest level of efficiency and standardization. 

Supply Resiliency

Managing and continually enhancing product backorder/recall mitigation process.