Strategic Sourcing

Traditional Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) are incentivized to cast a wide net and offer contracts with anyone and everyone, but that approach doesn’t deliver optimal value.

The Resource Group created an alternative approach to contracting that both meets the needs of caregivers and delivers the lowest pricing.  How do we achieve both? The answer is end-user led decision-making. By listening to end-users, we contract for what clinicians actually want so achieving compliance, and subsequently the best pricing, is easy. 

We also embrace technology and supplement the talents of our experienced negotiators with eSourcing activities, such as eAuctions, which drive additional savings beyond what is achievable through traditional face-to-face negotiation.  

Working on behalf of Participants

Traditional supply chain organizations hire ‘utility players’ who attempt to do it all. However, we believe that all success begins with people and that highly-specialized experts  can drive more value. This is why with The Resource Group, at the foundation of every solution, much like all other hospital departments, is a group of highly-specialized professionals. These associates bring a diverse range of skills and are dedicated to service. 

Contract Design

Listening to end-users to determine the product and service attributes they require in a contract.


Combining the attributes defined through caregiver direction and innovative sourcing technologies, eAuctions, to offer contracts that deliver both value and end-user satisfaction. 

Strategic Sourcing Optimization

Optimizing contract results through early identification of key initiatives and strategy formation, data and analytics, and a guided approach to updates and collaboration.