Something for everyone

In this day and age there is a growing need for a variety of work environments. That is why The Resource Group is proud to offer both remote and in-person work environments to fit the needs of a modern day workforce. Whether you thrive face-to-face or do your best work at home, The Resource Group has something for folks across all walks of life. We welcome you to read through the accordions below to learn more about our structure and figure out which Communities will allow you to thrive. 
  • Before you apply

    The Resource Group attempts to create a transparent and thoughtful recruiting process. To support candidate preparation, we have compiled the resources below. These will not only provide basic recruitment FAQs but will also outline our expectations:

    • Resumes: The resume is a first impression and is an applicant's opportunity to stand out. This video and resume prep checklist review what resumes mean to us and how you can set yourself up for success!
    • Interviews: Interviews are a way for both hiring managers and candidates to dialogue and learn about skills, culture fit, and more. Since The Resource Group is primarily remote, we have provided this tips and tricks document to help you prepare for success in your interviews.

    In addition, we have a dedicated advice section on our Life At The Resource Group blog for prospective candidates written by our hiring managers. You can find all of those articles located on our News page through this link.

  • In-person Communities

    Though COVID-19 expanded the possibilities of virtual work, many of our positions reside at our customer sites, known as Participants. While we all engage directly with our caregivers, if you prefer face-to-face in-person interaction, these areas might be for you: 

    • Field Operations: Manages inventory, purchasing controls, business transformation, process improvement, and internal logistics
    • Integration (local): Builds and maintains relationships and leads change through continual communication, intentional connectivity, and engagement
  • Remote Communities

    We offer a number of remote positions across our Communities that collaborate with our onsite teams to serve our Participants. These remote positions grant our associates flexibility and contribute to a healthy work/life balance. However, we realize the importance of maintaining a thriving culture where associates are fully engaged, even though they are not working side-by-side in a traditional office. In our remote environment, The Resource Group is intentional about building community, maintaining connectivity, and cultivating relationships.

    • Associate Experience: Supports the ongoing development of our associates-mind, body, and spirit
    • Contract Design: Collaborates with caregivers to design contracts
    • Data Action: Develops advanced analytical tools which support efforts to streamline business operations and decision making processes 
    • End-User Engagement: Connects clinical direction across different Resource Group work streams with an emphasized focus on Strategic Sourcing related efforts
    • Finance: Measures, tracks, and reports financial data and manages performance accountability
    • Integration (national): Manages complex integrations to ensure optimal value realization
    • Master Data Management: Oversees all supply chain data management functions as well as develops and implements data tools
    • National Operations & Logistics: Collaborates with national distributors and local operations teams to improve processes and coordination across all Participant locations
    • Participant Development: Identifies and develops new business opportunities 
    • Pharmaceutical Support Services:  Oversees the national pharmacy supply chain and logistics strategy
    • Strategic Support: Leads internal initiative development, brand management, and communications across the organization
    • Strategic Sourcing Optimization: Optimizes contract results through strategy formation, data and analytics, and collaboration
    • Sourcing: Collaborates with suppliers to negotiate contracts
    • Supply Resiliency: Manages and enhances product backorder/recall mitigation processes
  • Remote work considerations

    Though many positions are remote, we want to be considerate of those we serve when it comes to availability and responsiveness. Please note the following about our remote positions:

    • Associates in fully remote roles are permitted to live anywhere in the United States within the Eastern, Central, and Mountain time zones

    • The Resource Group's standard hours of business are 8am - 5pm Central time; associates should be available during these hours to provide the best service to our customers

    The Resource Group provides standard technology/equipment: laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse and docking station; however, associates are required to provide their own high-speed internet connection.

Poonam Sheevam, Senior Manager, Strategic Support

"The Resource Group is a place that aligned with my professional development goals while also allowing me to focus on the other parts of my life that are important to me: friends, family, and loved ones! Having such a high level of support for all areas of my life is a unique experience that I have only found at The Resource Group. "