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At The Resource Group, we are rooted in several foundational elements: The Service Excellence Promise, The 7 Attributes, The 7 Attributes of a Leader, and The 7 Responsibilities of an Effective Leader: 
  • Our commitment: The Service Excellence Promise
    • We embrace the Service Excellence Promise, which reflects the purpose of our work.
    • We help each other effectively provide service to our patients, associates, caregivers, and physicians.
    • We identify and immediately correct known defects before they affect a patient, associate, caregiver, or physician.
    • We ensure our work areas are clean and organized and take pride in being attentive to the work areas of those we serve.
    • We know our role in an emergency situation and in protecting those we serve, including associates, patients, and assets. Safety and security are everyone’s responsibility.
    • We report unsafe conditions and security concerns immediately, responding according to the policies of those we serve.
    • We are attentive, responsive, caring, and timely in providing service to patients, associates, caregivers, and physicians, while respecting personal time and privacy.
    • We appropriately and professionally represent The Resource Group in our appearance, grooming, and attitude.
    • We proactively fulfill the needs of our patients, associates, caregivers, and physicians.
    • We protect sensitive information (inclusive of vendor information, product pricing, etc.) from those who do not need to know such information.
    • We are positive both inside and outside the workplace. It is our responsibility to create a great environment and reputation for our facilities and for each other.
    • We reflect our image in all forms of communication (e.g. signage, letters, email, handwritten notes, etc.). To avoid misinterpretation and add a personal touch, verbal communication is preferred.
    • We are always gracious and treat others with respect and dignity.
    • We ensure that our Mission, Vision, and Values are reflected in our actions.
  • Who we are: The 7 Attributes
    • NICE: Has a good heart and treats others with respect, helping individuals not simply to have a better day but to have a better life
    • BRIGHT: Is able to take complexity and make it simple. Has the ability to see the solution without being encumbered by the detail or the size of the challenge
    • HIGH ENERGY: Is motivated and driven by the work that we are doing; contagiously energetic yet controlled enough to create a balanced working environment
    • INCLUSIVE: Realizes that many things can be accomplished alone yet much more can be achieved together
    • WILLING TO GIVE AWAY POWER: Respects the abilities of others and is enthusiastic in recognizing them for their contributions; humble with the desire to be a part of something for the greater good.
    • INSPIRED BY MISSION: Realizes that the cause is greater than the sum of the transactions.
    • INVIGORATED BY CHANGE: Is energized by a fast-paced environment, the opportunity to rework a process, and positively impact the future; consistently asks, “What else can I do?”
  • Who we are as leaders: The 7 Attributes of a Leader
    • STRATEGIC: Identifies the long-term direction and the short-term actions necessary to achieve the objectives set forth
    • EMPATHETIC: Understands and considers the personal and professional perspectives of others
    • SELF-AWARE: Recognizes one's own leadership style to exemplify strengths, counter weaknesses, and temper biases
    • HUMBLE: Acknowledges limitations, gives away power, and continues to learn from others
    • GOOD COMMUNICATOR: Seeks to understand the needs and perspectives of others in order to effectively deliver a clear, succinct, and appropriate message
    • INTENTIONAL: Is purposeful and deliberate in actions to achieve success
    • TRUSTWORTHY: Is dependable, ethical, and consistent in all matters and encounters
  • How we lead: The 7 Responsibilities of an Effective Leader
    • SET THE VISION: An effective leader will set a challenging yet achievable vision for the team. The vision will be an assimilation of thoughts and observations used to organically grow passion within associates allowing talent and skills to be best utilized for success.
    • REMOVE BARRIERS: An effective leader will intentionally and effectively remove obstacles to allow the team to complete the vision.
    • CELEBRATE SMALL WINS: An effective leader will enthusiastically, passionately, and publicly celebrate the small wins with associates to excite and instill confidence in everyone, including the leader. The power of small wins will seed large victories.
    • OBSERVE PROGRESS TOWARDS THE VISION: An effective leader will observe progress of the team from a broad perspective to suggest potential pivots or
      adjustments necessary in order to efficiently and effectively move toward the vision. 
    • GENERATE ENTHUSIASM AND EXCITEMENT TOWARDS THE VISION: An effective leader will generate enthusiasm and excitement to inspire and motivate the team toward the
      vision. The value of the overall vision is greater than the sum of the transactions.
    • EMPOWER PIVOTS: An effective leader empowers associates to reprioritize work and encourages respectful questioning and presentation of alternatives.
    • ANNOUNCE AND CELEBRATE COMPLETION OF THE VISION: An effective leader will emotionally connect to the exhaustive efforts contributed to complete the vision and will celebrate and recognize these efforts in a personal and meaningful manner.

Innovation driven by empowered people

Rooted in the ideals of hospitality, The Resource Group innovates healthcare through incredible associates who keep our culture thriving. Each associate at The Resource Group contributes to this culture in their own way. We would love for you to meet some of our associates and learn more about their experience through the Life at The Resource Group blog below.