Diversity & Inclusion

Active & culturally
transformative inclusion

abide logoThe Resource Group is committed to promoting diversity across our workforce and throughout our organizations. The Resource Group recognizes the responsibility of this work is not limited to the experience of our associates but also extends to the experience of our Participants.  

As a subsidiary of Ascension, The Resource Group shares Ascension's framework to listen, pray, learn, and act to address racism and systemic injustice through ABIDE.

In addition to Ascension’s diversity commitment,
The Resource Group has commitments in
the following areas:

Supplier diversity & inclusion

We believe that a diverse supplier base brings tremendous benefits. Establishing business partnerships with diverse suppliers to provide products and services is not only part of our mission and a strategic business practice, it is also aligned with social responsibility for the Participants and communities we serve. Promoting diversity is a priority and will continue to be a critical strategy for The Resource Group. Learn more about The Resource Group's Supplier Diversity program by clicking this link.

Workforce diversity & inclusion

The Resource Group is committed to fostering a culture of inclusion across all areas of our organization. For us inclusion shows up in how we value differences, welcome individuals to serve with us, and ensure that each associate has the opportunity to attain their full potential and flourish in dignity as human persons. This requires a mutually safe space for conversation, continuous learning, and action. Learn more about our workplace environment and current opportunities by clicking here.