System Support Leader Team

D. Dewayne Rader

Chief Operating Officer

D. Dewayne Rader

D. Dewayne Rader is the Chief Operating Officer leading supply chain operations at all Participant sites. This includes managing a team of associates dedicated to consistent, high quality, and cost-effective operations with respect to procurement, inventory, warehouse operations, receiving, and supply distribution functions. Outside of these immediate responsibilities Dewayne oversees the Pharmaceutical Support Services Community, responsible for the national pharmaceuticals supply chain and logistics strategy, Master Data Management Community, responsible for all supply chain data management functions, and Supply Resiliency, responsible for leveraging data to respond to global disruptive events, informing sourcing strategies, and supporting the development of proactive inventory management tools.

Dewayne has been with The Resource Group for over 10 years and previously served as the Vice President, National Operations. 

Prior to The Resource Group, Dewayne served at OHL Logistics where he managed distribution for all Starbucks locations east of the Mississippi. He also had previous leadership roles at Dell Inc and FedEx. With over 20 years in supply chain operations and logistics leadership, Dewayne is able to share his insight and knowledge in areas such as employee and contractor/vendor management, lean distribution, 5S culture, data analysis, contract administration, inventory optimization, statistically-driven safety stock modeling, customer relations, and more. Dewayne holds a bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain and a master’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Supply Chain and Finance from the University of Tennessee.