Data, The Unsung Healthcare Hero

October 07, 2020

by Elyse Lewandowski

It is no secret that data is increasingly important. Access to data allows organizations to more effectively determine the cause of problems, visualize relationships, and project future needs. In times like COVID-19 when there is so much uncertainty, data can provide a level of safety for fast paced decision making processes.

The Resource Group has a team dedicated to dissecting and understanding data known as Data Action. This team works diligently to assess a constant stream of information which is then used to develop tools and resources that support streamlined decision making. During COVID-19, this team's work was elevated as decisions had to be made in a condensed timeline without any error. One tool the Data Action team created to support these quick decision-making efforts was development of The Resource Group's Lab Dashboard. Developed in April, this Lab Dashboard supported The Resource Group's ability to quickly assess COVID-19 testing needs across Participants.

Nick Criswell, Director of Data Action, was at the forefront of this effort and explains the dashboard's setup. "The dashboard focuses on two main metrics: supply availability (on hand) and burn rate. These two metrics quickly establish a basic idea on historic demand for testing. However, this is just the beginning. Other data points such as national data on number of cases, projected infection spread, policy impacts, and more are all included to support a more accurate prediction of testing needs". Criswell makes notes of the complex nature of these dashboards, The work is difficult and there is a lot that goes into delivering a healthcare product like this dashboard. Luckily at The Resource Group, we have a team of 'extreme problem solvers' especially within the analytics sphere that supports our ability to create such expansive tools and resources.

So how does this resource get put into action?

The Resource Group associates embedded at our sites of care (Value Realization Teams) use this information to collaborate with the local Lab groups to predict, order, and ensure accurate inventory counts for all supplies needed in testing. Once this initial step is completed, the information is then used to assist in decisions around strategic direction. For example, the decision to begin elective procedures.

The work of the Data Action team and others at The Resource Group is a prime example of swift innovation benefiting caregivers and patients. The Resource Group’s ability to leverage data continues to be a priority before, during, and after COVID-19 and we look forward to sharing our continuous efforts in enhancing the caregiver experience and improving patient care.