Solution Highlight | Change Management

April 12, 2019

by The Resource Group

Over the past month, we have shared the first two areas of The Resource Group’s User-Directed Integrated Solutions. We have reviewed the history and context of our approach to contracting which is led by the Strategic Sourcing Solution. We also showcased The Resource Group’s Operations and Logistics Optimization Solution, which focuses on ensuring our caregivers have what they need through improved operational processes. 

For the next few weeks we will focus on the third solution, Change Management. This solution is comprised of three communities: Deployment, Chief Resource Officers, and Program Management. Like the other two solutions, the communities within Change Management collaborate to elevate resource and supply management ‘from the basement to the boardroom’ through their range of responsibilities. 

change management icon

The Deployment Community functions as The Resource Group’s internal integration consulting group. In other words, the Deployment Community is responsible for the successful onboarding of Participants to The Resource Group’s offerings. This includes, but is not limited to, engaging the organizations leadership and key stakeholders, educating end-users, and converting their spend to our contract portfolio with the support from caregivers and associates.

Once a Participant is properly deployed, the Chief Resource Officer community, along with the local Value Realization Team, sustain The Resource Group solutions and portfolio locally while leading resource and supply management changes throughout the entire organization. Along with this, Chief Resource Officers are responsible for connecting with Participant leadership and end-users to facilitate questions and discover opportunities for improvement.

change management three icons engagement connectivity communication

Once these opportunities have been discovered, Chief Resource Officers collaborate with the last community, Program Management, to create resolutions. Program Management also focuses internally to improve the experience of The Resource Group associates as well as enhance service offerings by the other solutions—Strategic Sourcing and Operations and Logistics Optimization.

Together the three communities within Change Management sustain value for our Participants through direct end-user engagement, clear communication, and connecting across the organizations we serve through C-suite representation. Over the years, our Change Management Solution has delivered $140M in savings through successful deployment engagements, over $213M in savings from local Resource Group led savings opportunities, and a resulting customer effort score of 8.8 out of 10. The three communities supporting this solution will be showcased over the next few weeks, follow along and learn more about how The Resource Group Change Management Solution sustains value for our Participants.