Life At The Resource Group | Summer Intern Introductions

Dear readers,

It is my honor to introduce The Resource Group's Summer 2023 intern class. What started off as a single position in 2012 has now blossomed into 20+ internship slots across The Resource Group. Spanning multiple Communities, the internship program is not only a well-rounded experience but also a mutually beneficial opportunity allowing both the interns and The Resource Group to determine future career fit. 

I myself started as an intern in 2016 and have since joined The Resource Group full-time progressing into my current position as one of the Regional Senior Managers of the Value Acceleration Community. I can say with confidence the intern program at The Resource Group is unlike any other with a unique 50/50 split. What we mean by this is half of the summer is dedicated to learning Community workstreams to prepare interns for full-time employment and the other half is dedicated to exploration across the organization to help interns find the best fit. Along with the aforementioned items, the internship program is set up to ensure interns end their 12 weeks with practical experience in preparation for the working world. 

It is truly an organizational effort to provide the interns with a well-rounded experience and I would be remiss to not say THANK YOU to every single associate who has shared their time in making the program a success. Our foundational goal is to develop the next generation of associates as our interns serve as an internal talent pipeline and are truly the future of The Resource Group.

And with that, I give you our Summer 2023 interns.

With Excitement,

Megan Schultz

Aanchal Sharma

"I am excited to learn in a diverse environment, build new skills, and grow each day."

Arjun Natajaran

"I am excited to collaborate with a new team to resolve complex problems, bring out unique strengths, nurture our professional dreams, and maintain connections."

Ella Ducato

"I am so excited to learn more about the business side of healthcare and to learn more about working in a professional setting."

Ellie Holt

"I am super excited to learn more about the business industry. Having only earned a minor in business, I am eager to get exposure outside of the classroom."

Gabriella Anaya

"I am excited for the opportunity to apply the skills I've been learning and finally see them in action."

Grace Lindstrom

"I am excited to learn new skills and to work with professionals in my career path."

Kevin Dulion

"I am most excited to learn from experts in the field on how to make a positive difference by driving down the cost of healthcare while improving the products and services that Ascension offers to patients."

Luke Blair

"I am excited for the opportunity to learn and grow from working with industry professionals at The Resource Group."

Madi Robinson

"I'm most excited to broaden my skills and create new relationships within The Resource Group. I am as equally excited to see how group projects allow for connection and collaboration within the intern cohort."

Matt Reisman

"I'm excited to meet other 2023 Resource Group interns. I'm also excited to apply what I learn, and hopefully, exceed expectations."

Mena Tausner

"I'm excited to learn more about the healthcare resource and supply chain industry as a whole, as well as meet and connect with my fellow interns and other associates at The Resource Group."

Oluwaseun Akande

"I'm most excited for the opportunity to work in an environment that will aid my growth professionally while being able to experience first-hand the intersection between health and technology."

Parker Thompson

"I'm excited to learn new skills and be a part of a team that not only makes a difference but strives to lead and serve. I'm also excited to gain new experiences within the healthcare industry."

Partho Das

"I'm most excited to deliver value to Participant locations and end-users through data, analytics, and technology."

Pooja Sigdel

"I had incredible opportunity with The Resource Group last summer to network with experts, develop new skills, and gain knowledge of supply chain and healthcare operations. I'm looking forward to establishing connections with associates within the MDM Community and expand my knowledge and abilities in data management."

Rahim Moxey

"I'm most excited to learn as much as possible from both The Resource Group and the associates I'll be working with."

Renee Muthakana

"I am most excited to interact and work with other professionals in the healthcare supply chain field."

Robby Isaacs

"I'm excited about building relationships with those around me at The Resource Group and gaining knowledge about the entire healthcare supply chain industry."

Selma Mekias

"I'm most excited to continue to meet wonderful people who will teach me the skills I need to be successful during my second internship with The Resource Group."

Taylor Louviere

"I'm most excited to learn more about The Resource Group and how supply chain plays a role within the medical field."

Turner Cook

"I'm most excited to meet the rest of the team and to have the opportunity to support the contract life cycle at The Resource Group."

Yushun Ding

"I'm excited to travel with my manager and team to see different Participant healthcare sites."