Life at The Resource Group: Lend-a-Hand Reflection

By Andrew Kilkenny

As we all know, the pandemic placed a large strain on the healthcare industry across the nation. In response to this strain, The Resource Group developed a program called  "Lend-a-Hand" which allowed traditionally remote associates to flex their time and provide support at one of our Participant sites.  Below you can read more on how the Lend-a-Hand program not only provided much needed support to our hospitals but also gave traditionally remote associates an opportunity to connect their work to care delivery.

How do you think Lend-a-Hand provides hope for the communities we serve?


Many of our field and front line associates were exhausted, having taken on the burden of a two-year pandemic. Associates in remote roles, similar to mine, could only do so much from our homes. However, the Lend-a-Hand program created opportunities for associates in my position to put our extra energy to good use by alleviating some of the burdens our frontline associates were facing. This program provided support for our field teams and rejuvenated those of us who work remote and feel helpless on the sidelines. It was a way to serve in a desperately needed way for all parties involved.


What were some take-aways you have from participating in Lend-a-Hand?


Lend-a-Hand was reminder of all the work happening in the background needed to make a healthcare organization run. For me, personally, I was reminded of the complexities surrounding supply chain and how little most people know about our work. I was even shocked by information I had previously not known, especially as it relates to the day-to-day tasks our field teams complete. One of the Sterile Processing managers, Linda, went out of her way to teach me their processes and reasoning behind each step taken to provide  sterile supplies to the Ministry. Having this exposure was a good reminder of everything I work on from the perspective of our field teams. It also equipped me with newfound knowledge that I can share with my peers before the beginning of new initiatives.

- Andy

What motivation, if any, did participating in Lend-a-Hand provide to you?


Sometimes, the work routine can cause me to lose sight of what is happening outside of my everyday work. However, my week participating in Lend-a-Hand was refreshing. I specifically supported the Sterile Processing Department, and everyone I interacted with had so much pride in their work. The levels of pride were inspirational, and I took that inspiration back with me as I returned to my day-to-day role.