Life at The Resource Group: The Move to Remote Work

March 23, 2022

By: Lindsey Crain & Ashley Kaske


Last week we shared the remote work journey from the perspective of two Director level leaders. Today, we are excited to share the perspective of two more associates and their take on a new type of work life balance. Read more on their personal experience, reactions, and reflective advice related to the remote work environment. 

What were your initial reactions when you learned we would be moving to remote work?


"I was both very concerned with my work life balance (I have three kiddos at home) but on the flip side SUPER excited to work remotely. At the time, I was looking for a new professional challenge and having the organization move remote meant I could access so many more opportunities compared to the in-person environment. However, I was unsure if a new challenge was even in my future with the three kiddos and having to balance their new 'normal' as well."



"I think I was, like most folks, nervous about not having that in-person interaction and feeling super disconnected. But I was also super excited for the opportunities remote work would provide. The biggest opportunity being the amount of time I would be saving each day from not driving in traffic - this is only a slight joke."


Was the reality of remote work aligned/misaligned with your initial reactions?

"I ended up using the shift to a remote work environment to apply for and accept a new role within the organization, allowing me to grow professionally. Although I was originally worried about the work-life balance, I have since found it quite refreshing to create new routines, such as coffee breaks or a quick walk outside to clear my mind. It has also been really rewarding to be at home when the kids are done with school. It allows me to take an intentional 10-15 minutes to reset with them, learn about their days, and not feel the 'end-of-day' rush I had previously experienced in a non-remote environment."



"I knew moving to a remote work environment would add time back to my day but I did not realize how it would transform my life. I am able to do early morning workouts or quick runs over my lunch break and get in the best shape of my life. In addition, my baby's sleep is one of my biggest priorities, and I love that he can have a relaxed start to the day rather than me having to wake him up extra early to take him to my parents so I can make it to the office on time. Lastly, my fears around feeling disconnected never came to fruition as my boss, Patrick McCoole, scheduled regular check-ins to ensure we felt good mentally and supported professionally. Moving to a remote environment has proven, even more, that our organization cares about me as a person rather than just an associate."



If you could go back and give 2020 you any tips or advice, what would they be?

"This is a great question, I would remind myself of a few things:

1. We are all going through this pandemic without a handbook

2. Balancing life, while keeping your family safe, looks different for everyone

3. Proactively use technology to stay connected in your relationships

4. Upgrade. The. Internet. (and invest in your home office)"


"My advice to myself would be to not worry about the future because everyone is going to need time to adjust and they will all understand when you have hard days. I would tell myself to immediately dedicate an area of my house to be a workspace and invest in making it comfortable and organized. Making those small investments in yourself and your home office space is truly a game changer."