An Enhanced COVID-19 Response

October 08, 2020

by Sydney Tracy

The threat of the COVID-19 pandemic brought changes across many industries, including the healthcare supply chain, mainly resulting in global disruptions. Although somewhat stabilized, COVID related disruptions were detrimental to the safety, care, and efficiency of the industry and the healthcare heroes supporting it. For months, news outlets reported on low PPE levels stating the impact as one of the worst in the history of modern healthcare. At The Resource Group previous supply chain disruptions resulting from natural disasters, such as the 2017 hurricanes, proactively pushed us in developing processes that effectively supported the COVID-19 response. As such, The Resource Group was successful in supporting all Participant sites throughout the peak of COVID-19 and through the continual resurgence.

However, even with previous preparations, The Resource Group's associates had to rapidly adapt to new barriers presented by COVID-19. The following are just a few of our 'behind-the-scenes' successes, none of which would have been possible without the hard work and tireless dedication of our Resource Group associates!

Clinical Acceptability Testing of Alternative Products

COVID-19 resulted in many organizations adjusting their manufacturing to provide much needed PPE and other supplies to healthcare organizations. Although well-intended, lack of oversight resulted in an abundance of options without set standards.The Resource Group associates, in conjunction with Infection Prevention groups, developed a streamlined system to rapidly test alternative products prior to distribution at Participant sites.

New Supplier Spot Buy Process

In addition to many organizations adjusting manufacturing, The Resource Group also saw a surge of new suppliers entering the market. Resource Group associates rapidly developed a 'spot buy purchasing' process to efficiently vet new suppliers and the products offered to reduce resource waste, streamline supplier interactions, and create a hospitable experience during a time of uncertainty.

Donation Management

Although COVID-19 brought a lot of uncertainty it also reaffirmed the strength across communities. Across Participant sites, communities came together to donate much needed PPE and other supplies. The Resource Group embedded associates, known as Value Realization Teams, managed all donations from solicitation to distribution throughout our sites of care, removing the burden of this work from caregivers. Resource Group associates also practiced our ideals of hospitality by writing and sending thank you cards to all donors!

Strategic Support

COVID-19 created unprecedented disruptions, not only in supply chain but across care delivery. The Resource Group associates worked diligently to support a wide variety of strategic initiatives from development of drive through testing hubs to providing guidance on the reopening of elective procedures. Keeping our promise to Participants to remove the typical 'noise' found in healthcare and taking care of our caregivers so they can focus on taking care of our communities.

If you are interested in becoming involved with The Resource Group's COVID-19 response, please click here!