Life At The Resource Group | Summer Intern Introductions

This week The Resource Group welcomed 25 bright, diverse, and dynamic Summer interns! Throughout the intern program, interns collaborate across Resource Group communities to directly contribute to our Participants. Areas of focus include, but are not limited to, analytics, process improvement, and change management. In addition, interns complete one primary individual project and one collaborative project with a group of other interns. We look forward to seeing all the things our interns will accomplish this Summer! In addition, we want to say THANK YOU to all our associates who help make the intern program a success. Continue reading to learn about our amazing 2024 interns and what they are excited for in the internship program.

Abigail Stokes

"I am most excited to work on healthcare projects with real data while applying the data science tools I have learned in the classroom."


Alex Schirk

"I am eager to dive into the healthcare industry, work on projects that directly impact day-to-day operations of Participant sites, and collaborate on team projects with other interns."

Alyssa Sorensen

"I’m most excited to tackle real-world issues, devise data-driven solutions, and contribute to the overall efficiency of critical healthcare processes."


Ananya Parimi

"I am excited to meet and network with all the new interns! I am also looking forward to utilizing my skills in real-world Supply Chain Management and Information Systems experiences."

Brenda Herrera

"I am most excited to meet the other interns and work together! I am a people person and it is always so interesting to me when a group of people with different ideas come together to problem solve."


Chloe Hill

"I'm excited to meet all kinds of different people and form relationships with as many individuals as I can this summer. I love getting to hear other people's stories on how they got to where they are today!"


Ella Ducato

"I am excited to continue developing my professional skills and knowledge in the healthcare supply chain field. Also, I am looking forward to building connections with other interns and associates at The Resource Group."

Francesca Trajano

"I am super excited about working with others at the hospital and working in an environment that will keep me on my feet. Also, I can't wait to collaborate with others and observe how The Resource Group collaborates with hospital workers."

Isabella Demotto

"I'm excited to expand my skill set and learn more about the healthcare supply chain industry. I'm equally excited to make connections with my fellow interns and other professionals at The Resource Group."


Jillian Philips

"I am excited to learn from both my peers and mentors and gain broader perspectives on the field of data analytics. I am thrilled to prepare for my future, and I am eager to make a positive difference in and out of the workplace."


Kameron Jackson

"I am excited to network and for the opportunity to develop my analytical and strategic thinking skills through hands-on projects and mentorship."


Kathryn James

"I'm excited to build long-term relationships with my coworkers and learn lifelong skills."


Meera Ghaskadvi

"What excites me most is the opportunity to work in the healthcare sector and leverage my technical skills in a real-world setting."

Miriam Barboza

"I am most excited for the opportunity to dive into something new where I will also be working with amazing leaders in the field. I can't wait to get started and learn new skills to help aid my professional growth while building connections within The Resource Group."

Nick Sadowski

"I am looking forward to building relationships with other professionals in the field and learning from their expertise and experiences."

Noah Ryle

"I’m really excited to meet and collaborate with other individuals who share similar career interests as me! I look forward to creating new professional relationships and expanding my network."

Pamela Vega

"I am excited to meet the team and be in a new work environment."


Robby Isaacs

During my second internship with The Resource Group, I’m most excited to expand my knowledge within the healthcare system at a national level and continue building my network.


Ronald Joel

"I am excited to gain real-world experience and make connections across the organization."

Shana Soyfer

"I'm excited to meet new people and learn how to make a difference in healthcare!"


Shelby Hix

"When thinking about this internship, what excites me the most is the opportunity to work on real-world challenges, gain hands-on experience, learn new skills, and create valuable connections."


Soma Exxadpanah

"I’m excited to strengthen my skills and learn more about Master Data Management. I look forward to working with experienced mentors and gaining skills in a real-world setting."

Taylor Ward

"Collaboration with aspiring professionals, like me, from across the nation! I am even more excited to be working for a mission-driven organization focused on the ministry of Jesus Christ."

Wenxin Zeng

"I love the opportunity to dive into the world of healthcare strategy. I look forward to conducting analyses for strategic planning and utilizing analytics to drive impactful decisions."

Casey Ma

"The opportunity to participate in initiatives that align with the company’s goals fills me with a sense of purpose and excitement as I eagerly anticipate making a tangible impact."